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The following information has been extracted from the CACCA website. You may view complete details here.

Interclub Competition

Award winners from the bi-monthly print and DPI competition are submitted for CACCA interclub competition each month. Note that since DPCC holds competitions on a bi-monthly basis, we select two months' CACCA entries per competition.

Individual Competitions

In these competitions where subject matter is restricted, photographers compete as individuals rather than as a member of a club team. The categories are listed below. Details on scheduling and rules are available on the CACCA website. Follow this link for more information.

Nature (Prints and Slides)

Photojournalism (Prints and Slides)

Portrait Prints Creative Projected Images (formerly called "Alteration of Reality")

Creative Digital Images

Postcard Competition

Special Themes

For a schedule of the Interclub and Individual competitions please follow this link to the CACCA website.