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DPI Submission Rules

DPI (Digital Projected Image) competitions are held each bi-monthly competition night. Here is a quick review of rules for DPI competition.

o Images may be either color or monochrome.

o Members are limited to 4 images per competition.

o Image sizing and naming rules are dictated by the competition software, and are absolute - please be careful!

o Images are due by the Saturday before the competition date. (e.g., if competition is Monday, September 24, images are due Saturday, September 22.)

o Images are submitted by attaching them to an email message, addressed to the DPI coordinator at DPCCpictures@gmail.com. Send B&W and color images in separate emails.

General procedure for preparing and sending images for DPI competition:

1. Resize the image so that the width is no greater than 1400 pixels and the height is no greater than 1050 pixels.

2. Since images are displayed on a black background, we suggest placing a small white (or color) border around the image.

3. Save the image in JPEG format, high quality.

4.Name or rename to image for submission.

Detailed instructions are available for download:

o For Image Preparation for DPI competition instructions click here.

o For File Naming Rules for DPI competition click here.

For questions or more information, contact the DPI coordinator at DPCCpictures@gmail.com.