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File Naming Procedure for DPI Competition

Image file naming for DPI competition is critical for the display/scoring software. Please follow the instructions carefully, to insure a smooth competition evening, and to assure that your image or images are not ignored by the software.

File name definitions:


DCC – code for Des Plaines Camera Club

maker.name – See below for instruction to create the code

A – We only use the Competition category of A

# -- submission number from 1 to 4. (You may enter up to 4 images.)

Title – Image title, limited to 36 characters including spaces.

.jpg – Choose to save the image as a Jpeg, and this will be added automatically.

The program is not case sensitive (DCC could be dCc, for example, and it wouldn’t matter), but the title should use normal capitalization rules, so it looks right when displayed during the competition.

Example: File name for my image called “Yosemite Sunrise”. Only A  category is used by the club. This is the second image in the competition, and the maker name is TaylG0036.

DCC-TaylG0036-A2-Yosemite Sunrise.jpg

Due Date: Images are due by Friday night before the competition. Attach your images to an email and send it to DPCCpictures@gmail.com. Put "DPI" in the subject line.

Maker Names: The maker name field is made up as follows: SsssX#### Ssss – First 4 letters of last name (or entire last name if shorter than 4 letters) X – First letter of first name #### -- Des Plaines Camera Club member number in 4 digit format

If you have any questions, email DPCCpictures@gmail.com.