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Image Preparation for DPI


The following instructions will help you prepare image files for DPCC’s digital projected competitions. It will assure that the files will display properly. There are several steps to prepare entries: re-size the image, assign the sRGB color space profile, add border and save the file in the Jpeg format. Here are the requirements followed by the specific steps needed to prepare an image.

What is required?

> All images must fit within the maximum pixels: 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high. Horizontal images (images wider than higher) must have a maximum dimension of 1400 pixels wide and any height up to the maximum of 1050 pixels high. Vertical images must have a maximum height of 1050 pixels and any width up to 1050 pixels wide (which would make the image a square format).

> All images must be submitted in the 8-bit Jpeg file format with sRGB color space profile.

Add a Border

Because images are displayed against a black background, it is recommended to add a border. This can be accomplished using the Stroke feature in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop. Borders are most often white. A colored border using a dominant color from the image is also sometime used. The below are instructions to  add a Border using Photoshop.

1. Add a new layer on top (Fig 1)

2. Select -> All (Fig 2)

3. Edit -> Stroke (Fig 3)

4. Stroke Window (Fig 4)

             Width: This will vary depending  on the image size

             Color: Choose the color of the Border

             Location: Inside

             Blending Mode: Normal

             Opacity: 100%

             Preserve Transparency is unchecked  

             Click "OK"

The size of the stroke should not be so big that it distracts from the image. If the size is too big or small, undo the Stroke, alter the width and re-do the Stroke.

For an enhanced option, you can first stroke your image in 5 pixel black and then stroke it in 4 pixel white. This will create a black border within a white border.

How to resize an image

The Export function in Lightroom (Fig 5) or Photoshop (Fig 6) will

               Resize the image

               Specify Color Space (sRGB)

               Convert to jpeg

For Landscape (horizontal image) specify the width = 1400 and let the software calculate the height. Verify the height is less than 1050. For Portrait (vertical image) specify the height = 1050 and let the software calculate the width. 

For questions email DPCCpictures@email.com.

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