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Print Label Procedure

1. Fill out one label as shown below for each print entered.

2. Fill out Line # 1 with your Club Membership number. If you do not have a membership number, contact the Club Secretary as listed on the LEADERSHIP page or a committee member for your assigned number.

3. On Line 3 Title, enter your print title.

4. Fill in your name for the Member Name.

5. On Line #5, check color for a color print or monochrome for a B&W Print.

6. Line #6, circle the number for the print number line entry on the Entry Form card.

7. Line #7, enter the competition’s date.

8. line #9, enter the make-up of the print for the month missed.

9. Paste the label in the upper left corner of the print. If the print is a vertical print, the label will be pasted the upper corner of the longest side and if horizontal in the corner of the narrowest location.

10. Enter nothing in the Scoring line, that is the Competition Committee’s job.

See the label entry below:

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